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Personal Training

My focus as a Personal Trainer is strength training. Strength training is hugely beneficial for our muscles, bones and overall fitness & well being.


Benefits include reduced risk of osteoporosis, building and preserving lean muscle mass (which diminishes with age), weight management, improved confidence, posture and mental wellbeing. 



I offer in-person PT sessions at my private studio in Woldingham, Surrey. Train with me 1-on-1 or 2-on-1.

Sessions will be tailored to your fitness needs & goals.


Studio equipment includes:

  • Olympic bar & plates

  • Squat rack

  • Leg Press & Hamstring Curl

  • Dumbbells & Kettlebells

  • Rowing machine

  • Ski Erg

  • TRX

  • ...and much more!

Not local to Woldingham?

Want flexibility when and where you train?

Want to supplement your in-person PT sessions with additional workouts? 

My online training program is perfect for you.

Get 3 bespoke and tailored sessions a week delivered to you via an app, with easy to follow video instructions and post workout feedback from me.

Minimal equipment required. 



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