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Fitness Gift Ideas

It's that time of year!

The good news is that not all fitness equipment is super expensive & there are some great offers on right now. So plenty of options at lots of different price points.

Here are some of my favourite pieces of kit that would make perfect presents to the gym-lover in your life:

Under £30

1. Bear Grips - part glove, part lifting strap. Lift heavier & save your hands!

2. Mirafit Step - entry level step for an increased range of movement

3. Aybl Short Resistance Band - level up your bodyweight workouts

4. Weighted Skipping Rope - great for cardio finishers

5. Weight Plate Keyring - so cute!

6. Foam Roller - essential piece of kit

7. Nike Retro Socks - elevate your gym wardrobe

£75 and under

8. 20kg Barbell - great if you're learning to deadlift or squat

9. Tala Sculpt Seamless Leggings - these make your bum look INSANELY good

10. Classic Converse - flat shoes (not running trainers) are best for strength workouts

11. Pixel Bud Headphones - working out to music is much more fun - FACT!

12. Lululemon Belt Bag - store all your workout essentials

13. 3x Kettlebell Set - these are on the heavier side (so not for total beginners), but great value, offering progression & versatility

Over £75

14. Powerblock Dumbbells - adjustable dumbbells. Maximum versatility for minimal amount of space

15. Reebok Deck - part step, part bench. Incredibly useful

16. TRX Suspension Trainer - this comes away with me on most holidays!

17. Coros Pace Fitness Watch - great battery life, easy to use and a lot cheaper than the bigger brands


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