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"I don't have time to exercise"

I totally get it...

When you're super busy or juggling lots of different things, making time to exercise can be really hard.

Here are some things that help me

1) Put your workout in the diary or calendar

This is honestly a game changer. Most of us overestimate how much free time we actually have. Scheduling workouts is a simple way to ensure you give yourself the appropriate amount of time. It's also a great way to keep yourself accountable

2) Get your kit and water bottle ready the night before.

This works particularly well for early morning workouts... but is still effective when exercising at other times of the day. Having your kit ready means you're not scrambling around last minute trying to find the right things to wear

3) Have a plan. Know what you're going to do!

MAKING the time is half the battle. But it's also important to MAXIMISE the time. Having some sort of plan or idea of what you're going to do beforehand really helps to minimise any potential "faffing" and means you'll be more likely to get the most out of your workout.


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