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Getting back into exercise after having a baby?

Where do I begin?

You're probably already aware of the benefits of exercise and why getting back into some form of exercise routine after having your baby is a good idea (boosts mood and energy levels, aids sleep, relieves stress, strengthens and tones abdominal muscles etc etc). But speaking as a mum of twins as well as a PT, it's a lot easier said than done!

Simply getting out of the house on time for routine postnatal midwife check-ups or getting to a baby sensory class on time can seem daunting enough! So when it comes to thinking about putting your own needs into action, this inevitably gets pushed back onto the 'too difficult to think about right now' list.

Your main takeaway (if any!) from this piece should be to go easy on yourself, be kind and acknowledge how incredible you are.

Once you've nailed that, as with most things, doing one small thing for yourself is better than nothing in those early stages of just getting through one day at a time, fog brain and sheer bloody tiredness!!

So with the above firmly noted, here is my number 1 tip for making exercise happen in those early stages after baby arrives:

Go. For. A. Walk.

Basics first - walking in my opinion is the most underrated form of exercise there is. Getting out in the fresh air with the buggy for as little as 10 mins round the block can be hugely beneficial for your physical and mental well being.

It's low impact, can be done straight away and it's something you can build-up in terms of walking pace and distance in a relatively short time. It can be sociable, great for fat burning, body realignment and slowly building back-up core strength.

Try and build a daily walk into your routine - set yourself a reminder on your phone and don't be put off by a bit of wind or rain. Wrap-up and I promise you'll feel so good about yourself after.

And remember, it won't always

be perfect.

If you're waiting for that perfect opportunity where you imagine you'll get 30 mins of uninterrupted time, your favorite leggings aren't in the laundry bin and you don't have milk/vomit on your top then, realistically exercise won't happen. My point is, be open minded.

So be kind to yourself and celebrate the small wins because they're actually pretty significant!

Be open minded about when and how you will start exercising so the mental hurdle doesn't seem unachievable

And most importantly, treasure this super precious time!


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