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I Don't Track Calories

But I do track protein.


This is not about getting "big muscles"

Protein is incredibly important for lots of things - including bone density, disease and injury prevention, and helping to reduce age-related muscle deterioration.

I've also personally found a higher protein diet helps me control my sugar cravings

But most people don't eat enough. And as we age we generally need EVEN more in our diets.

I'm active and the "wrong" (right!) side of 40

So I aim for 1.5-2 grams per kilo of body weight*. For me this works out as somewhere between 90 and 120 grams of protein each day.

But to be completely honest, this is sometimes a challenge. Especially if I'm feeling bloated, tired, or just rushing around

I've found that shakes, bars and other high protein snacks really help.

E.g. A double scoop shake and protein snack bar gives me to 60 grams This then gives me a lot of flexibility.

I NEVER skip meals. But with 60 grams "in the bag" I'm then not having to worry too much whether a particular meal is "high protein" or not.

And I try not to be overly obsessive or precise.

On some days I still come up short. And other days - usually when my husband cooks breakfast - I can easily exceed 120 grams.

But having a reference point gives me something to aim for. And having a framework helps make it achievable.

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