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The Power Walk

I encourage all my clients to incorporate daily brisk walking into their exercise routine.

It doesn't need to be 10k steps everyday - but walking is so good for body alignment, recovery, fat loss and cardio health. It's free, good for mental health and low risk in terms of injury.

Research also shows that walking purposefully, and at pace, stimulates osteoblasts. These help maintain bone density and therefore reduces age related bone loss which can help conditions such as osteoporosis which can affect women more particularly when the menopause begins.

First-time power walker? Here are my top tips!

1. Make sure you've warmed-up enough (~10 mins) before you start to increase your pace to avoid injury

2. Think about your posture and walking style - avoid slouching, engage your core and try and push off with your toes for each step, then start to really use your arms to gain momentum - having the arms slightly bent helps with this

3. Set small goals first - set an alarm or timer on your mobile - it may be to increase your pace for 1 minute intervals or the duration of your favourite song if listening to music and then building up gradually and setting more challenging goals which are time based on distance focused each week

4. Track your progress with a smart watch to keep motivated

5. Walk with a friend. Its more social and you can help each other keep pace


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